What is Fronting? Car insurance fraud is on the up as the Credit Crunch bites

Thousands of families are driving in to trouble by telling lies to get cheap car insurance.

More than half of drivers (53%) say they are tempted to insure a vehicle in their name as the main driver, with their son or daughter down as an occasional driver, a practice commonly known as ‘fronting’.

Motorists caught telling these fibs invalidate their insurance if they make a claim and face a fine and a criminal conviction for fraud.

Many drivers are willing to drive illegally and risk a lifetime of problems arranging insurance after branding as a crook just to save a relatively small sum of money.

The dishonesty of many drivers was revealed in a survey by car insurance trade body, the Association of British Insurers.

Even professional families with no history of deception or dishonesty owned up to cheating to obtain cheap car insurance.

• Over half (53%) considered an older, lower-risk person could insure a vehicle in their name when a younger higher-risk driver is the main driver.

• One in five would not rule out exaggerating the number of years since they last claimed
• 12% are tempted not to disclose motoring convictions.
• One in ten would not rule out changing details, such as their age, address or occupation to get cheaper car insurance.

Nick Starling, the ABI’s Director of General Insurance and Health, said: “Deceiving your insurer is a false economy. Everyone wants to get the best motor insurance deal, but being less than truthful is not the way to do it.

“Not being honest with your insurer could lead not only to you driving illegally, but to financially crippling bills if involved in an accident, harder to obtain and more expensive future insurance, and difficulties in accessing other financial products”.

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