Young drivers have to pay £4,500 to get on the road

New drivers have to fork out around £4,500 to get on to the road – plus the ongoing costs of fuel and maintenance.

This bill includes spending on driving lessons, road tax, driving tests, car insurance and buying a first car, according to a study by Co-Operative Insurance.

The average new18-year old driver owns a Vauxhall Corsa worth £1,450 and pays more than £2,000 just for car insurance

Then add the cost of 20 driving lessons (£480), two driving tests (£62 each), a provisional licence, theory test and road tax (£111).

Despite the cost, today’s first time drivers are hitting the road earlier than their parents – at 18 years old compared with 22 for mum and dad.

But while more than three quarters of those aged over 45 (77 per cent) bought their own first car, the majority of today’s first timers (53 per cent) aged 17 to 25 year old rely on parents or family for the cash.

Grant Mitchell, of The Co-operative Insurance, said: “Our research shows that although today’s young drivers own their first car from an earlier age than their parent’s generation, the cost of getting on the road is huge.

“Not many 18 year olds have thousands of pounds in savings, so increasingly they are relying on mum and dad to pay for the initial cost of driving.

“Unfortunately, the biggest challenge is the cost of car insurance which has risen at a disproportionate rate for young drivers because they are involved in more accidents on the roads.”

The also disclosed that the cost of insurance is one of the main reasons why people don’t buy a car, with 30 per cent blaming driving costs as too expensive as the main reason they do not own a car.

Average costs for a first-time driver

Item Cost
First car £1,450
Insurance £2,294
Provisional licence £50
Driving lessons £480
Driving test(s) £124
Theory test £31
Road tax £30

 Source: Co-Operative Insurance

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