1 in 5 Young Drivers Play Games on Phones Behind the Wheel

One in five young adult drivers confessed they play the games Angry Birds or Draw Something while behind the wheel when quizzed for a road safety survey.

The drivers aged 17 to 25 years old were asked how smartphones and social media distracted them while driving by telematics insurer Ingenie.

Six out of 10 told the survey that they agreed that smartphone apps are causing young people to be more distracted at the wheel.

Besides admitting playing the games, they also admitted:

●      Answering phones while driving without a hands-free set (40%)

●      Sending text messages (44%)

●      Reading incoming texts while driving (62%)

●      Crashing due to using a mobile while driving (15%)

●      Logging in to Facebook while driving (33%)

●      Playing Draw something (18%) or Angry Birds (17%) while driving

The research also revealed that installing hands-free kits encouraged drivers to make longer phone calls while driving

A Ingenie spokesman said: “The results collected from the survey suggest that the increasing range of apps and functionality available on mobile devices is contributing to young driver distraction – even mobile games, which take a high level of concentration are taking young people’s attention away from the roads.”

The research has prompted Ingenie to start a ‘Don’t Drive Distracted’ campaign on Twitter to raise awareness of how smartphone abuse can lead to road accidents.

The campaign is supported by leading sports and entertainment personalities, including Match of the Day presenter gary Lineker, comedian and film star Omid Djalili and Formula One racing driver Bruno Senna.

The insurer will donate £1 to Roadsafe for each person pledging to stop driving with distractions in their car.

Telematics is a black-box recorder fitted to a car to track driver performance behind the wheel. Technology rates the driver and sets the cost of car insurance cover according to the score.

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  1. What exactly is a distraction? We need to be careful here that big brother does not take over our lives. I agree playing on a smartphone while driving is dangerous. But what about changing the radio station or slurping a Starbucks? I don’t think they are distractions. There is a balance to be had…

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