The skids are not all right for young drivers looking for insurance

Car insurance for teenage and twenty-something boys is a problem speeding out of control for the drivers and insurers.

If you are a driver in this market – or a parent of one of these drivers – you know that the cost of motor insurance is not cheap.

The result is, according to recent studies, that 1 in 4 can’t pay for their motor insurances so drive without cover.

That means every other driver foots the bill and just puts the price of motor insurance for young drivers up even more.

Legally, failing to buy can insurance should force them off the road, but inevitable temptation gets the better of them.

Statistically, these drivers have more accidents and are a higher risk than any other group.

This is not fair on all youngsters who have just passed their test and are behind the wheel for the first time.

One group are petrol heads – seen as Top Gear enthusiasts with a souped up car fuelled by testosterone instead of diesel or petrol.

To them, driving is about impressing their mates by going faster and pulling more dare-devilish stunts without tempering the risk with health and safety rules like Clarkson and his pals.

The other group of youngsters is a safe, responsible and relatively risk-free.

If you are part of the second group, finding cheap car insurance is a nightmare because everyone is tarred with the same brush.

Some insurers have tried different approaches to keep the cost down – like pay-as-you-go schemes and offering discounts for extra lessons adding to driving skills.

The only way for youngsters to find cheap car insurance is hunting around price comparison web sites like Quoteline Direct.

Some times they can persuade mum or dad to take out the insurance for them – but the only way this keeps the quote down is if the parents don’t tell the insurer a youngster drives the car.

The next risk is facing a void policy if the insurer finds out and with the statistics such as they are, it’s a veritable accident waiting to happen.

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