Need to insure a car short term?

Short term car insurance can let you drive a car legally for a few days, weeks or months without having to pay for a full year's insurance.

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Why should I buy temporary car insurance?

The whole idea of temporary car insurance is to give you the option of driving a car for a short period. This period can be as little as a single day or up to several months. Under normal circumstances the policy is fully comprehensive.

If you find that you need to drive another car, whether or not you own it yourself, a temporary car insurance policy can give you that option.

How do I get a short-term policy?

First of all you need to get the permission of the actual owner of the car. The application process is fast and easy and can be arranged 100% online. Cover can be taken out immediately so that you can get insured at extremely short notice.

The cover is normally exactly the same as you get with a yearly policy, the only difference being the length of time for which the insurance will last.

This policy is however separate to any existing policy that you have on another car, so that in the event of an accident you will not lose the no claims bonus that you have on this other policy.

It must be stressed that this policy is designed for short-term use only. If you drive a car regularly you may well find that it is cheaper to buy an annual policy for it, rather than multiple short-term ones.

What is covered by a short-term insurance policy?

Policies are fully comprehensive which means that you are not only covered for damages to other people's property or injuries to 3rd parties, but you are also covered for damage to the vehicle that you are driving, subject to any exclusions and excesses.

What is not covered by a short-term insurance policy?

  • Depending upon the exact policy that you buy, you will probably not be covered for any losses to your own vehicle if these are as a result of your negligence.
  • Unless specifically arranged, you will be the only person covered under this policy and it will not extend to any other person.
  • You will be covered for driving the car that you have specified only, and not for any other vehicle.
  • As usual there will be certain purposes that you can use the car for, but others will be excluded, including carriage for hire and reward and goods deliveries.

Under what circumstances may I need short-term car insurance?

  • You may need to drive a car in an emergency. If you are not insured for that vehicle this would be no defence against a charge of driving without insurance but a short-term policy can usually be arranged immediately.
  • Borrowing a vehicle; you may wish to drive a car owned by someone else for a while, with the owners permission.
  • Sharing the driving; on a long journey with friends or family you may wish to be able to take the wheel from time to time so that the car owner can have a break.
  • Learning to drive; some policies are specifically designed for learner drivers to practice in cars owned by other people.
  • Buying a vehicle; temporary insurance can allow you to legally test drive it and then drive it home after you have bought it, but before you have arranged a long-term policy on it.